UASAL Awards

The UASAL honors academics and citizens involved with education who are also affiliated with the state of Utah in a variety of ways. Every fall we honor the best papers published in the Journal. We also have four medal awards, the Academy Fellow, Honorary Member, Distinguished Service, and the Gardner Prize. Descriptions of the medal awards and recent past recipients are below.

If you would like to nominate someone for one of the medal awards, please submit their name, a short description of explaining the nomination, and how we can contact you to your campus representative (names and contact information is available on our officers page). If you are not affiliated with a college or university, please submit your nominations to the UASAL president directly. Deadlines for nominations are typically announced on our Facebook page and via member newsletters.

Our next Awards Night will be October 10th at the Maeser Auditorium at BYU (see program here). This year we will honor Spencer Blake as Academy Fellow for his exceptional and extended service to the Utah Academy and to furthering the cause of higher education in the state of Utah. We recognize Robert (Archie) Archuleta as Honorary Member for his life-long advocacy for education and community engagement in all its forms.  We are also pleased to recognize the Outstanding Paper in each division of the Utah Academy.  Please plan now to join us on November 10th.




Honorary members are selected for their significant contributions to Utah academia in a non-academic setting and voted on by the Utah Academy Board. Recipients are often not affiliated with a college or university. This award is given every fall and the recipient receives a year membership in the Academy and a UASAL medal.

Recent Past Recipients

2016 Diana Major Spencer, Author
2015 Doug Fabrizio, Radio West
2014 Linda C. Smith, RDT
2013 Gloria Cronin, BYU
2012 Jake Garn, Politician
2011 Melia Tourangeau, Utah Symphony/Opera
2010 Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune



An academy fellow is selected for their significant contributions to Utah academia and the UASAL and voted on by the Utah Academy Board. This award is given every fall and the recipient receives a lifetime membership in the Academy and a UASAL medal.

Recent Past Recipients

2016 L. Dwight Israelsen, USU
2015 Jean-François VanHuele, BYU
2014David R. Keller, UVU
2013 Jim Harrison, SUU
2012 Craig Oberg, WSU
2011 Pat & Kathie Debenham, BYU/UVU
2010 Ted Warner, BYU
2009 Sam Rushforth, UVU
2008 Rolf Kerr, DSU, USU
2007 Daniel Petersen, BYU
2006 Gene Sessions, WSU
2005 Howard Stutz, UofU
2004 Robert Elbel, UofU
2004 Lynn McKell, BYU
2004 Steve Albretcht, BYU
2003 Fred Adams, SUU
2003 James McDonald, BYU
2002 Reed Blake, BYU
2002 Elizabeth Hayes
2002 Marilyn Scharine, WSU
2001 Barry G. Quinn, Westminster
2001 David Lee, SUU
2000 Neila Sesharchari, WSU
2000 Thomas Alexander, BYU
1999 Ted Eyring, UofU
1998 William Mulder, UofU



This award is given every spring to honor an individual for exceptional service to education or academic service to citizens in Utah. Recipients are typically academics who have gone above and beyond the normal efforts of their positions to ensure that the citizens of Utah have access to the education and information they seek.

Recent Previous Recipients

2017 Jean B. Cheney, Humanities
2016 Randy Silverman, UofU-Library
2015 Richard Sedweeks, BYU
2014 Joyce Kinkaid, USU – English
2013 Martin K. Jensen, LDS – History
2012 Steve Petersen, Snow – English
2012 Joyce Albrecht, USU – Arts
2011 Clifton Sanders, SLCC – Chemistry
2010 Andrew Barnum, DSU – Biology
2009 Craig Oberg, WSU – Microbiology
2008 David Cherrington, BYU – Business Management
2007 Boyd Beck, Snow – Business Management
2006 Gene Sessions, WSU – History
2005 Ralph Maughan, USU – HPER
2004 Douglas Alder, DSU – History
2004 Clayne Pope, BYU – Economics
2004 Larry Wimmer, BYU – Economics
2004 Linda Ransdell, UofU – HPER
2003 Sam Rushforth, UVSC – Biology
2002 Sara Lee Gibb, BYU – Dance
2002 Ronald Colman, UofU – History
2001 Donald J. McMahon, USU – Chemistry
2001 Kent M Van de Graaf, WSU – Zoology
2000 Helen Cox, SLCC – Humanities
2000 Warner Woodworth, BYU – Social Sciences
1999 LaVell Edwards, BYU – HPER
1999 Mikel Vause, WSU – English
1998 Allen E. Bergin, BYU – Psychology
1998 Elaine Englehart, UVSC – Philosophy
1997 Gary Booth, BYU – Zoology
1997 Kristen Ries, UofU – Medicine



The Gardner Prize is due to the generous support of the Gardner Family in memory of John and Olga Gardner and Willard and Viola Gardner Prize. The recipient receives a UASAL medal and $1,000 prize.

It was during the decade of the 1940’s that the Academy began the practice of presenting awards to men and women of special note in Utah’s scholarly community. The first to receive these awards were Leroy Robertson (Music), Brigham Young University; Franklin S. Harris (scientific investigation and education administration), Brigham Young University; Willard Gardner (scientific investigation), Utah State Agricultural College; Lee Green Richards (visual arts), Salt Lake City; Howard R. Driggs (English), New York University (retired); and Moyer Delwyn Thomas (chemistry), U.S. Department of Agricultural Research. Special awards have been made each year since the Academy’s inception.

In 1969, the Willard Gardner Prize was instituted as an award to be presented on alternating years. It was awarded to men and women of special note in regards to their work in the field of natural sciences. In 1976, the Charles Redd Prize was initiated to be awarded alternately with the Gardner Prize. The Charles Redd Prize was presented to an individual “in recognition of a most significant contribution to the humanities, or for the betterment of mankind, within the state of Utah during the five years preceding the award.” This award is given in the field of social science as well. The Charles Redd Prize was last awarded in 2002. Beginning in 2006, the Willard Gardner Prize was changed to the John and Olga Gardner Prize and the Willard and Viola Gardner Prize which are now awarded on alternate years and is awarded during the annual spring conference.

Recent Past Recipients

2017 Margaret Pabst Battin, U of U Medicine
2016 Richard Sadler, WSU-History
2015 Don Lind, USU-Physics
2014 Arden Pope, BYU -Economics
2013 Doug Smoot, BYU -Engineering
2012 Katharine Coles, U of U -English
2011 H. Scott Hinton, Utah State University
2010 Michael Ballum, Utah Festival Opera
2009 John E. Keith, USU -Economics
2008 Charles L. Metten, SUU -Theater
2007 W. Kenneth Hamblin, BYU -Geology
2006 Roger Macfarland, BYU -Humanities
2005 Steven Dewey, BYU -Plant Science
2004 Reba Keele, U of U -Business
2003 Stephen Bialkowski, USU -Biology
2002 Mack Wilberg, BYU -Music
2001 James Kushner, U of U -Medicine
2000 Levi Peterson, WSU -English
1999 Cyrus McKell, USU -Agronomy
1998 Dale Lund, U of U -Nursing
1997 Sidney Ash, WSU -Geology